Med Spa and Aesthetic Clinics:

Get 15-25+ pre-paid, booked appointments GUARANTEED PER MONTH with our 'Clients That Pre Pay And Show Up' Program – without lifting a finger!

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Our complete hands-off patient growth system ensures you effortlessly fill your calendar & acquire new clients without the hassle.

  • 15 To 25+ New Treatment Clients Every Month

  • Fully Managed Services: We Handle Everything

  • Exclusive Partnership: We Only Work with One Business per Area

  • Starting is a breeze: We can go live within 3 days

  • Our Promise: Positive ROI in 30 Days or Your Money Bac

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Unlocking Quality Leads and Boosting Conversions

Our 3 Core Key Approach

Enhance Lead Quality

Focused on creating offer-specific ads for the right audience, ensuring better targeting and higher conversions.

This ensures higher-quality leads with a better chance of converting

Accelerate Response Time

Revolutionary conversational AI engages leads with personalised responses based on their action & questions

Increasing appointment conversions by up to 400% with rapid responses.

Boost Show Rate

We recommend confirming all appointment requests that book through our conversational AI.

Personalised interaction builds trust, boosting the show rate from 40% to 80%.

Who We Are and Who We Help!

Lead Rocket is a cutting-edge Lead Generation & AI Automation Agency specialising in helping Med Spa & Aesthetic Clinics GROW on autopilot.

We combine advanced technology with industry expertise to deliver exceptional results and drive business success.

Our tailored solutions, including DFY/DIY lead generation and AI automation, empower businesses to unlock their full potential, attract high-quality leads, and achieve substantial ROI.

With our proven track record and commitment to excellence, we are your trusted partner in catapulting your business to new heights.

Experience the power of Lead Rocket and revolutionise your Med Spa & Aesthetic Clinic TODAY!

Some Businesses we work with...

Secure Your Exclusivity...

We Only Work with One Med Spa & Aesthetic Clinic per Area!

We want to ensure your business's success and avoid competition within our client base.

That's why we offer exclusivity to our clients, by working with only one business or service type per area

Secure your exclusivity today and take your business to new heights!

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Done For You Lead Generation

Fuel Your Business with a Consistent Flow of Qualified Leads

Say goodbye to the uncertainty of lead generation.

Our Done For You Lead Generation solution delivers a consistent flow of qualified leads directly to your business.

Get ready to supercharge your sales pipeline and experience accelerated growth.

Done For You Lead Generation


Reach Your Ideal Audience

Target your marketing efforts precisely to attract your ideal customers.


Increased Conversion Rates

Target your marketing efforts precisely to attract your ideal customers.


Time and Resource Efficiency

Automate the lead generation process, saving you valuable time and effort.


Scalable Growth

Scale your business effectively with a steady stream of high-quality leads.

AI Assistant for Lead Engagement

Engage, Assist, and Delight Customers with an AI Assistant

Revolutionise your lead experience and convert more leads into paying clients withour AI-Assistant

Our intelligent AI Assistant engage with leads, answer their questions, and provide personalised assistance 24/7.

Enhance customer satisfaction, streamline communication, and save time by automating routine interactions.

AI Assistant for Lead Engagement


Always Available

Provide instant responses and support to your customers round the clock.


Personalised Interactions

Deliver tailored assistance and recommendations based on customer preferences.


Time and Resource Savings

Free up your team's time by automating repetitive tasks and inquiries.


Improved Customer Satisfaction

Deliver exceptional service, resulting in higher customer loyalty and retention.

AI-Powered Booking Conversions

Elevate Your Booking Process with AI-Driven Efficiency

Unlock Maximum Booking Conversions and Skyrocket Your Earnings

With our exceptional AI Assistant, set to reshape your booking conversions effortlessly, propelling your financial success to new pinnacles.

Operating behind the scenes, our AI-Assistant tirelessly sculpts individualised user journeys and hones your sales avenues for unmatched outcomes.

Revel in soaring conversion rates and witness your revenue surging ahead.

AI-Powered Booking Conversions


Booking On Auto-Pilot

Unlock the power of our AI Assistant to effortlessly manage and convert leads into bookings, leaving you free to focus on what truly matters


Save Time and Resources

Let our AI take the reins, streamlining your processes and optimising conversions without the need for constant manual intervention


Supercharge Booking Rates

Harness the capabilities of AI for smarter and quicker decisions that enhance your booking rates.


Maximized Returns on Investment

Elevate your conversion strategies through AI, unlocking higher returns on your investments

AI Reputation Management

Build a Stellar Online Reputation and Attract More Customers

Enhance your online reputation with AI-powered reputation management.

Our advanced system proactively gathers and manages customer reviews, responds to feedback, and builds your brand's credibility.

Strengthen your online presence and earn the trust of potential customers.

AI Reputation Management


Proactive Reputation Management

Actively collect and manage customer reviews to maintain a positive online reputation.


Automated Review Responses

Save time by automating responses to customer feedback and reviews.


Increased Credibility

Showcase your commitment to customer satisfaction and build trust among potential customers.


Enhanced Brand Image

Strengthen your brand's online presence with positive reviews and ratings.

Real Results and Satisfied Clients: A Winning Combination

We achieved an AVERAGE 5.3X ROI for our clients in the last 30 Days...


Farewell Fat: 6.2X ROI

Caroline's cryolipolysis offer delivered outstanding results.

Within a month, she sold 35 treatments, generating an impressive revenue of £5,970.

Remarkably, her investment, including ad spend and fees, was only £950


Skin Treatment Triumph: 5.1X ROI

Grace achieved phenomenal results with our LPG Endormology campaign.

In the last 30 days, she obtained 122 leads and sold 21 skin treatments, generating £5.040 in revenue at an average of £240 per client.

Remarkably, her investment was only £990


What Some of Our Clients have to say about us...

"So, we tried then out for a month and honest to G*D! I wa absolutely amazed at how much I was getting from this Comnany . It was just unbelievable! I basically tripled my profit within a few months...

Caroline - Medical Spa

"Surprisingly, I gained alot of new clients with minimal effort, allowing me to concentrate on other essential day-to-day tasks without worrying about the process...."

Georgia - Aesthetic Clinic

"Since taking over my advertising and lead gen , I've got so many leads in that converted into bookings. I've actually had to actually tuen off the ads to fit everyone in... ."

Ilke - Yoga Studio

Unparalleled Success Stories - Real Results

We achieved an AVERAGE 5.3X ROI for our clients in the last 30 Days...


Timeless Beauty: 5.8X ROI

Georgia's permanent makeup service achieved remarkable results, 24 treatments and £5,490 in revenue within a month.

Despite an ad spend and fee of £940she celebrated an impressive 6.4X return on investment..


Fading Ink: 7.3X ROI

Cat's tattoo removal campaign attracted 17 clients.

Generating revenue of £6,120 with an ad spend and fee of £840

She achieved a stellar 7.3X return on investment.


Revitalizing Wellness: 4.8X ROI

Sam's Physio Therapy consult offer with a 1st assessment of £39 attracted 29 new clients and generated £4,770 from ongoing treatments for this campaign.

With a cost of £990, which includes ad spend and fees, he achieved a successful return on investment.


HIFU Beauty Triumph: 6.5X ROI

Last month, we successfully conducted 24 HIFU treatments, generating an impressive revenue of £7,128.

Our ad spend and fees amounted to £1,100, resulting in an outstanding return on investment with a remarkable 6.5X ROI.

Real Success Stories from Our Satisfied Clients


Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Lead Rocket offer?

Lead Rocket offers a range of services tailored specifically for Med Spa & Aesthetic businesses. Our services include DFY (Done For You) lead generation (Facebook & Google), AI-powered growth systems, automated appointment booking, customer nurturing, and more.

We provide comprehensive solutions to help you scale your business and achieve exceptional results.

How much does Lead Rocket's AI-powered lead generation service cost?

Our pricing is tailored to the specific needs of your Med Spa & Aesthetic business. We offer flexible packages to suit different budgets and growth goals. Get in touch for a personalized quote based on your requirements.

Will Lead Rocket's services work for my business?

Absolutely! Our Lead Generation & AI-powered solutions are designed to benefit all types of Med Spa & Aesthetic businesses of all sizes, from individual Aesthetic clinics to larger medical spas. We tailor our strategies to match your business's unique needs and goals

What services does Lead Rocket offer?

Lead Rocket provides a comprehensive suite of services, including Google & Facebook Lead Generation, AI-Assitant, conversion optimisation, reputation management, and more. These services are designed to boost your business 's growth and success.

Can Lead Rocket's AI reputation management help my business attract more clients?

Yes, absolutely! Our AI reputation management system proactively gathers and manages customer reviews, responding to feedback, and building your online credibility. This will increase ranking, visibility and attract more potential clients to your business.

How do I get started with Lead Rocket's AI-powered growth solutions for my business?

Getting started is easy!

Book a strategy call with us to discuss your business goals and challenges. We'll create a tailored game plan to accelerate your growth and maximise your business's potential.

Does Lead Rocket require long-term contracts for its services?

No, we believe in providing flexibility to our clients. We don't require any lock-in contracts. You can subscribe to our services on a month-to-month basis, and if you're not satisfied, you can stop at any time.

Ready to take your Med Spa & Aesthetic Clinic to the next level?

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