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Explore our collection of testimonials and case studies to see the real-world impact of our services.

Through these stories, witness the successful outcomes and transformative experiences of our clients.

Each narrative showcases our commitment to excellence and the tangible benefits we deliver.

Whether you're seeking inspiration or considering our services, these stories highlight the difference we make.

Case Studies

Cryolipolysis Case Study

Farewell Fat: 6.2X ROI

Sue's Cryolipolysis offer delivered outstanding results.

Within a month, she sold 35 treatments, generating an impressive revenue of £5,970.

Remarkably, her investment, including ad spend and fees, was only £950

LPG Endermologie Case Study

Skin Treatment Triumph: 5.1X ROI

Grace achieved phenomenal results with our LPG Endormology campaign.

In the last 30 days, she obtained 122 leads and sold 21 skin treatments, generating £5.040 in revenue at an average of £240 per client.

Remarkably, her investment was only £990

Permanent Make Up Case Study

Timeless Beauty: 5.8X ROI

Georgia's permanent makeup service achieved remarkable results, 24 treatments and £5,490 in revenue within a month.

Despite an ad spend and fee of £940 she celebrated an impressive 6.4X return on investment..

Tattoo REmoval Case Study

Fading Ink: 7.3X ROI

Cat's tattoo removal campaign attracted 17 clients.

Generating revenue of £6,120 with an ad spend and fee of £840

She achieved a stellar 7.3X return on investment.

HIFU Case Study

HIFU Beauty Triumph: 6.5X ROI

Last month, we successfully conducted 21 HIFU treatments, generating an impressive revenue of £6,237.

This Campaign resulted in an outstanding return on investment with a remarkable 6.5X ROI.

Emsella Case Study

Emsella Success Story: 5.6X ROI

Sam experienced the transformative power of Emsella offers. Through 14 packages, she generated an astonishing £5,600 in revenue, showcasing a phenomenal 6.4X return on investment. Emsella's impact is undeniable!














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